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Siemens ITS gives green light to further support from Exelin

The team at Siemens Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS) have been in touch - Exelin's support has taken them one step closer to an important business objective.


Up to £2000 off Hinkley Point C Supplier Induction Programme

Working with our sister company SWMAS, we have managed to secure funding to support SME's in the South West of England and South Wales wanting to complete our HPC Supplier Induction Programme. Funding is in the range of £1000-£2000 depending on how your business meets the elibility criteria.



This course is a game changer

Not bad feedback from one of the cohort that has just completed our current Leadership Development & Business Improvement Programme, we're sure you'll agree!


March year-end? Don’t miss out on a valuable cash boost

According to HMRC who administer the claims, the average R&D tax credit value to SMEs is £61,314. That’s cash that could spark the next big project, or fund the final push in creating something remarkable.


Productivity 2020 is LIVE!

Want to achieve an increase of at least 20% in your Productivity by 2020 - join our Productivity 2020 programme.

Whether aiming to get more out of your existing people and processes or to invest in new processes, products, infrastructure or people, this programme is aimed at enabling businesses to identify, prioritise and implement productivity improvements specific to them.


Exelin to launch new 20% productivity improvement programme

Ambitious businesses have the chance to see at least a 20% increase in Productivity by 2020 by taking part in Exelin’s new programme of support to be launched in the New Year.


7 Key Ways To Make Business Improvement Work

Exelin’s Senior Consultant, Martin Frary details his 7 Key Ways To Make Business Improvement Work...


We're proud sponsors of the Cornwall Manufacturers Awards...

We are delighted to be sponsoring the Business Leadership category at this year's Cornwall Manufacturers Awards, along with our sister company, SWMAS.  


Making a change: R&D tax credit misconceptions in the manufacturing industry

In this guest blog, our R&D Tax Credit specialists explain some of the ways in which it can pay to innovate in your manufacturing business. You may already be doing so – and could be missing out on a vital cash benefit.


How to spot R&D in your business

Research and development (R&D) tax credits offer an amazing boost to manufacturing businesses across the South West. We know that first-hand as we have supported a number of them through the process, alongside the independent R&D tax credit specialist that we work with.