This course is a game changer

Not bad feedback from one of the cohort that has just completed our current Leadership Development & Business Improvement Programme, we're sure you'll agree!

Led by Tony Mattravers, one of our Leadership and Business Strategy specialists, the 14-week programme ran this time in Dorset and attracted a dedicated and focused group of eight delegates who were keen to develop both personally and professionally.

Tony said, 'The programme is designed especially for a small cohort who then have ample opportunity to make the most of the learning and support for their development Exelin offers. We cover a lot of ground and discovering what makes you an effective leader can involve some deep analysis and understanding of yourself as a person. It's imperative that I'm able to create an environment in which this can happen. A larger group would make this difficult and might dilute the effects of the peer-to-peer support network that grows amongst the group.'


The in-company business improvement project really embeds the learning

In translating this learning and understanding into benefit for their businesses, each delegate designs, implements, and evaluates an on-site improvement project within the companies in which they are employed. In the past, delegates have looked at increasing machine efficiencies, improving process flow, enhancing people productivity and more. The aim is that the delegates get to apply their newly appreciated skills and capabilities in a practical and real-world capacity.


Time and money saved

'This really embeds the learning,' says Tony. 'We saw one delegate in the last cohort deliver £42k of savings per year, and another aiming for 60% improvement in machine efficiency. This time improvement projects saw an increase in 5S audit scoring from 64% to 93% and another project is on the way to saving one delegate 315 minutes per day.

'The delegates present their project results and findings to their managers on the final day, which I can say is often both a trial and triumph for many! But being able to reflect on their achievements is confirmation of the delegates' leadership abilities, and in watching the presentations their managers get to see and acknowledge the growth in their employees (and their businesses!).'

Tony adds, 'A huge well done to all the delegates who've just completed our current Leadership Development & Business Improvement programme in Dorset. I am truly grateful for your feedback as to what the programme has delivered for you. You've been an outstanding cohort and I'm so proud to be witness to your personal and professional growth. I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing more about how you continue to use and develop your now recognised leadership skills - I have a feeling that you're going to go far!'


If you'd like to develop your Leadership skills, or can identify someone in your company who could benefit from this course, let us know!