Productivity 2020 is LIVE!

Want to achieve an increase of at least 20% in your Productivity by 2020 - join our Productivity 2020 programme.

Whether aiming to get more out of your existing people and processes or to invest in new processes, products, infrastructure or people, this programme is aimed at enabling businesses to identify, prioritise and implement productivity improvements specific to them.

The Productivity 2020 programme offers businesses the opportunity to benefit from:


1. Workshops

Our productivity specialists share their insight into identifying, prioritising, and implementing, productivity improvements in businesses at these interactive events. Exchange best practice and learning with like-minded delegates and take away actionable plans that will help you unlock productivity improvements in your business.

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2. Focused business diagnostic

Carried out on-site with one of our productivity specialists, this review will help you:

  1. Define where in the business productivity can be improved
  2. Understand and measure where losses are currently occurring
  3. Identify priority areas in which to focus productivity improvements

Establish your business case for making productivity improvements in your business.

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3. Improvement

Work with our productivity specialists to embed new ways of thinking and working into your teams and to implement and sustain the identified improvements. Benefit from the at-the-coal-face expertise of our productivity specialists as they join you on-site and offer their hands-on support to help you implement, and be confident that you can sustain, the improvements identified for your business.

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This programme is being delivered in conjunction with Exelin’s sister company SWMAS, which delivers public sector funded programmes, services and support for SME manufacturers and supply chains in South West England. As such, the workshops, business review/diagnostic, and some in-company engagement may attract public sector funding for eligible businesses. 

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Next steps?

Engage with our productivity specialists to pinpoint where your efforts to improve productivity could best be focused in your business.

Contact the Exelin team on info@exelin.co.uk or phone 0845 608 3838.