Up to £2000 off Hinkley Point C Supplier Induction Programme

Working with our sister company SWMAS, we have managed to secure funding to support SME's in the South West of England and South Wales wanting to complete our HPC Supplier Induction Programme. Funding is in the range of £1000-£2000 depending on how your business meets the elibility criteria.


Why complete the HPC Supplier Induction Programme?

If you are serious about winning work at Hinkley Point C, this HPC project-specific programme will be hugely beneficial:

  • we designed this programme with the support of EDF Energy
  • nuclear sector experts deliver the course, giving you access to vital industry knowledge
  • it aims to help you comprehensively address the rigorous standards across safety, quality, materials, people and more that EDF Energy requires of any business that enters its HPC supply chain

Essentially, EDF Energy must prove to the nuclear regulator that it has confidence in their suppliers to deliver to nuclear excellence standards. Developed around the INPO (Institute of Nuclear Power Operations) Standards of Excellence, our programme provides potential suppliers to the HPC project with a guided opportunity to identify and put these standards in place in their business. 



What do previous delegates on the HPC Supplier Induction Programme say?



When does the HPC Supplier Induction Programme start?

The next cohort starts on 26th February. There are 5 modules, and one senior leader within your business should attend all modules to ensure improvements are delivered consistently across your company. However, the programme cost also covers a second delegate from your company, and you can nominate the most relevant person in your company to attend each module.


How do you find out if you're eligible for funding?

Call Maria Ison on 0117 403 4661 or email maria.ison@swmas.co.uk

Maria can also help you book your place on the course.


Where can I find out more information about the HPC Supplier Induction Programme?

See our HPC Supplier Induction Programme course page: