Siemens ITS gives green light to further support from Exelin

There’s good news from the team at Siemens Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS) – they have been in touch to say that their work with Exelin has taken them one step closer to an important business objective.
When ITS created their 4 Pillars (a four-step, 5-year plan) to improving their business in the UK, they called in Exelin to support them in achieving one of these pillars: to become an Award-Winning Global Factory. 
This will be by no means a small feat, but the Siemens team have grabbed the bull by the horns and their determination to succeed has been evident right from the off. Immediately, the current senior leadership recognised the team perfectly positioned to shape what Siemens will look like. The granting of ownership of the project to the team is already paying dividends.
The initial two-day strategy workshop delivered by Exelin got everyone engaged in what it’s like to work at Siemens now and where they’re going. We used our very own Exelin In-business strategy map and more from our toolkit to help them make sense of the flow of thoughts, ideas, head scratching and post-it notes. With a now improved understanding of their key challenges, together we pulled out the areas where they could improve and built a business improvement strategy.

Phil Mills, himself a senior member of the Exelin team, can appreciate the task the Siemens team have taken on. ‘As part of the strategy development we took the Siemens team through a process utilising strategic tools that enabled them to identify improvement projects. To help with prioritising, we gave each Siemens ITS team member three votes as to what projects they felt would have the biggest impact. They had to consider the benefits, risks, and fit for Siemens. Given that they will be the ones who, with our coaching, will implement and drive the changes, how they could deliver excellence through these projects was also a key consideration.’
Steve Waine, Operations Technical Support Manager at Siemens Intelligent Traffic Solutions, said, ‘The main focus has been customer satisfaction, and with Exelin’s structured input and support we drew up the manufacturing strategy and improvement plan that won the MD’s seal of approval. We’re delighted and Exelin are already working with us to get the five improvement projects underway.’