Arc Energy Resources


The increasing complexity in the projects Arc Energy’s UK offices were delivering had generated a need to up-skill a range of their staff to manage multiple, interconnected projects, as well as improving the efficiency of their project management function across the business.


The Exelin team took the Arc Energy team through a number of process mapping exercises in operational, administrative and project management fields, including 12 key improvement projects selected across the UK operation.

Examples as follows:

1. Redesign of project management process to improve the flow of inter- departmental information

2. Increased use of Risk management through the project lifecycle

3. Implementation of bespoke project documentation aligned to project complexity

4. Implementation of bespoke project structure for planning and monitoring of projects.

5. Developed new processes that improved the company ERP/Planning system


  • Internal labour cost reduction
  • Increase in effective capacity
  • Reduction in lead times
I have worked with the team from Exelin on several occasions, and have always found it a really positive experience. They have the ability to inspire our staff and look at situations from a different perspective, and to come up with bespoke practical solutions that address our individual needs. They support a team approach, and all members of staff are engaged in the process. Their application of various management tools is excellent, and genuinely care about making improvements in our business. They are a pleasure to work with.
Andrew Robinson I Managing Director I Arc Energy Resources