The Royal Bath & West of England Society


The Royal Bath & West of England Society CEO, Rupert Cox contacted Exelin after he had difficulties finding suitable leadership training for his senior staff, including three experienced leaders and three aspiring leaders. Initial discussions also highlighted a large proportion of project work being carried out by The Royal Bath and West team – another area which Rupert felt his team would benefit from receiving support on.


Exelin selected a suitable delivery team for the project, who then tailored a leadership delivery programme, addressing the specific needs of The Royal Bath & West of England Society including reviewing the competencies of the team and conducting a DISC® personality assessment to determine their natural leadership styles.
Over a twelve week period, Exelin built on the team’s existing knowledge and collaborative working, focussing on expanding their skills and confidence in leading their teams.


Not just based on theory, the training included each delegate developing an improvement project, which enabled them to take ownership and responsibility for putting into practice the theory, allowing them to refine their leadership behaviours to embed positive working.

The programme enhanced the capabilities of our current leadership team, while imbuing the requisite skills and knowledge in our future leaders. With the inclusion of the Improvement Projects as part of the training, the participants were able to apply their learning in real time, relevant scenarios with immediate benefits to the company.
Rupert Cox I Chief Executive I The Royal Bath & West of England Society
It was a privilege to be able to work with a client as prestigious as The Royal Bath & West of England Society. I was delighted not just with the individual behaviour changes, but seeing how the training inspired an increase in team working and their dedication to striving for continuous improvement.
Tony Mattravers I Business Improvement Consultant I Exelin