By operating within businesses we gain a unique perspective – using our passion and strong industry experience to understand your business issues. 

We work with your teams to create bespoke solutions and drive deployment so that your people feel empowered and encouraged to deliver results.

Exelin works within businesses at all levels

From strategic support and coaching for the board, to working with line managers and their teams to deliver improvements through engaging and developing the people who undertake the day to day work.

We listen carefully in order to understand the needs of each of the businesses we work with and tailor our offering to the specific priorities of each of our clients.

Every member of the Exelin team are specialists in their own right and bring many years of prior knowledge and practical experience from their years spent working in industry and business.

Most of all, they are great people to work with:
down-to-earthfriendlystraight-talking and passionate about what they do

Exelin’s team of consultants combine practical ability to adapt and customize their application to different sizes and types of business. But we don’t just advise.

We roll up our sleeves and help to implement and manage changes to your processes and culture to ensure they can be maintained in the longer term.

Experts in…

Leadership/People Development

We work with businesses to understand the opportunities and issues around the leadership capabilities within their teams.  We develop bespoke leadership personnel development plans, in order to deliver transformational benefits to individuals and organisations where we focus on areas including:

Improved understanding of the behaviours, temperament and personality of others;
Differing leadership styles and when to use them;
Leading vs Managing teams – the differences;
Change and why people cope with it differently;
Performance management and dealing with conflict comfortably;
Giving and receiving feedback – when, how and why it doesn’t always work;
Developing high performing teams;
How to be more personally effective with improved time management;
Effective decision making.

A key element when working with businesses on leadership is using a DISC personality assessment, a tool which determines an individual’s natural leadership styles. This helps participants to reflect on their behaviours and understand the personality types of those around them.

Strategy Development and Deployment

We have been working with the owners and senior teams of businesses for many years to assist in developing an agreed common vision and strategy.  

The Exelin six-stage “in business” model is delivered on clients’ sites by our experienced team.  Some businesses already have a clear strategy in place and in these cases we provide support with implementation and deployment of existing strategic plans.

During the strategy development process we look at key areas of the business, including:

Financial performance
Processes and resources

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a relentless focus on driving business performance in the most efficient and effective manner with a specific focus on delivering value to customers.

We have actively supported companies on their journey to excellence, by developing and implementing tailored operational excellence programmes in the following areas:

ISO 18404
Leadership development
Project management
6 sigma
Continuous Improvement
Practical problem solving
Quality improvements

Our experience has shown that is not just about learning the tools but it’s about giving your people the confidence to deliver the improvements themselves. By working ‘hands-on’ with your people, we support them to deliver changes themselves, ensuring that improvement becomes ‘the norm’ within your business.

Project Management

We are experts in Project Management.

We translate best practice Project Management methodologies and tailor them for each business, working with teams to put processes in place, enabling them to manage projects more effectively, deliver projects on time, deliver to budget and build reliability and  predictability into their work.

We ensure businesses understand how projects should be run effectively, and how these skills can add value to their employees’ roles and to the wider organisation.Short Description

Supply Chain Optimisation

We help businesses evaluate and develop their supply chain to increase performance and maximise overall value.

We focus on the 5 key factors for a high performing supply chain:

Risk Management
Clear Performance Metrics

We bridge the gap between customers and suppliers, working to bring them together and we can help through a range of supplier engagement events such as “Meet the buyer” and supplier operation review boards to plan long term capacity to develop the frameworks required to structure ongoing supplier development activities.

Offsite Construction

We have developed an integrated process map and toolkit for the deployment of an efficient and effective offsite construction strategy. The approach uses existing lean tools and other specific methods generated from an innovation project with Skanska.

The overall benefits that the model brings are:

The opportunity to deliver savings based on deploying lean techniques
Understanding the financial impact and the benefits available by using the approach
Having a structured model approach for standardisation
Combining multifunctional parties and stakeholders at early stages of the project
A “go/no-go” decision making process for manufacturing
A step by step operating model for manufacturing in construction