Leadership Development & Business Improvement

Would you like your team leaders and managers to:

- Take on responsibilities at a higher level within your business?
- Proactively seek and deliver efficiencies and cost-effective improvements?
- Learn the ability to influence and motivate their team in a practical way?
- Step up to the challenges of leadership and avoid management slump?
Professionally deal with difficult situations and individuals?
- Enjoy the role of being a manager and leader?

If these are areas of your business or team that you wish to improve, then our Leadership Development & Business Improvement Programme is the perfect solution.


This is a specialist 7-day programme delivered across a 15 week period. It is aimed at team leaders, supervisors and managers who have direct responsibility for frontline operational teams, and all participants complete an in-company improvement project to assist with the learning process and to deliver tangible improvements to the business.

Participants will also:

- Assess their own management behavioural style to understand how they can use their personal approach to become a more effective leader
- Develop their personal leadership skills and capability through improving, and putting into practice, their understanding of workplace behaviours, leadership models and styles, utilising feedback, time management, leading change, handling conflict, team working, motivating people, decision making, and influencing
- Learn and put into practice technical skills that will enable them to deliver operational improvements, add value, reduce unprofitable activity, solve problems methodically, map processes, manage performance, and present and communicate coherently
- Benefit from coaching to support the implementation of the in-company improvement project and leadership skills

The programme concludes with a presentation event to which senior leaders in the participants' organisations are invited. Each participant will present their in-company project findings and personal development outcomes, detailing the improvements this will enable them to make to the business.


ACC Silicones Europe in-company improvement project identified £47000 cost savings, and are looking to push Overall Equipment Effectiveness (O.E.E.) to 60%:

'I think this is the beginning of a new way of thinking and working (Tony may have created a few monsters) and although the course has come to an end (sob, sob) we will all grow from attending it. A massive thanks to Tony for almost keeping us in order, while running the best course I’ve ever attended.' - Andy Redman, Quality & Systems Manager, ACC Silicones Europe

'This course is a game changer.' - John Utting, Quality Manager, Rodford Engineering Ltd

'Brilliant course, excellent content, great blend of learning styles, and Tony Mattravers facilitates the sessions perfectly. 100% recommend to anybody with a vested interest in becoming a leader.' - Steve Skeates, AFI group of companies

'Very beneficial, improved my abilities as a team leader.' - Adam Smith, Team Leader, Groveley Precision Engineering

'Tony Mattravers, who facilitates the course, has the patience of a saint and the kind of knowledge that can only be gained from years of experience out in the field. Tony guided us through the programme, helping us to look at our current work ethics, teams, systems and processes with a view to making small improvements for a bigger gain.
So impressed am I with the knowledge that was imparted upon me, I have decided to sign up another member of my team to take part in the next series of workshops as the learning will be instrumental in his development within the company. I am intrigued to see what systems for improvement he will uncover.' - Sam Evans, HSC Head of Supply Chain Engagement at Somerset Chamber of Commerce


Tony has a wealth of experience in engineering, project management and, with his Six Sigma Green Belt, lean operation. Throughout this programme, you will benefit from his first hand experience of managing and developing teams in challenging business environments and his ability to equip you with the right skills, knowledge and confidence you'll need to plan and deliver sustainable operational improvements and positive culture change. Tony is a straight talker, yet inspires and motivates, enabling you to identify and deliver a clear vision for your own personal development too.

Event Lead Tony Mattravers
Location Dorset
No. of Days 7


Time Date Location
9:00 - 16:00 12/09/2019 Ferndown, Dorset
9:00 - 16:00 26/09/2019 Ferndown, Dorset
9:00 - 16:00 10/10/2019 Ferndown, Dorset
9:00 - 16:00 24/10/2019 Ferndown, Dorset
9:00 - 16:00 07/11/2019 Ferndown, Dorset
9:00 - 16:00 21/11/2019 Ferndown, Dorset
9:00 - 16:00 05/12/2019 Ferndown, Dorset