As a Business Improvement Consultant, Alun supports our manufacturing clients predominantly in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. You will also find Alun supporting clients of our sister company, SWMAS.

Working closely with business owners and leaders to help them develop and deliver ambitious strategies for growth and sustainable improvement, Alun provides tailored and practical support to enable significant increase in productivity and competitiveness. Through SWMAS, Alun delivers projects and training that attract public sector funded support enabling SME manufacturers to focus on developing their strategy, leadership, operations, and innovation.

An insightful consultant with an MBA and a career spanning over 20 years in manufacturing and aviation, Alun has the experience, knowledge and ability to develop and sustain a high-performance business culture. With a focus on organisational design, effective execution of processes, change management, promoting ongoing continuous improvement, and building effective teams, Alun is able to help manufacturers reduces costs, improve delivery, and create efficiency.

Meeting new people and helping to make a positive impact on their businesses is what I love about my job!
- Alun James