With a shortage of suitably senior skilled and experienced staff, we know finding the right people for your business is a tough task.

With a big focus on finding people willing to relocate to the region, we can help you identify suitably qualified candidates whose attitude and approach will profit your business.

Finding senior skilled staff for your business

Operating primarily across the South of England, we know that the talent pool is already small. 

You're likely competing against other businesses actively seeking the same committed and motivated people as you. This is why it is important that we work hard to attract fresh talent to the region.


Where the Exelin team can be of extra value

The core of our success in finding you a new senior or specialist member of staff, is the insight and industry experience we use to help us understand your business.

In consultation with you we can:

  • Help you determine your requirements for the role and your business going forward
  • Identify and review candidates' suitability and attitudes
  • Present potential candidates based on their relevance to the role and your business culture and goals
  • Share insight gleaned from candidates to help shortlist and prioritise
  • Support, and lead if required, the interview and selection process

We make the recruitment process easy.


Want more information?

Contact Tom Brown, Exelin Recruitment & Deployment Specialist:

07519 121 095


If you’re an employer wanting to restructure your workforce, or an employee being made redundant, the Exelin People team can help you.



Faced with reshaping your workforce to remain productive and competitive? When you care about your workforce, it’s important to support them through this challenging time. 

We can work with your staff to understand what their future job needs are, assist them in identifying their opportunities, and help them find their next position.



Let us help you make as smooth a transition as possible. Talk to us about what you want in your next role. We can advise you as to how to position yourself and approach our network of employers to help you find your next appointment.


Prefer to focus on workforce development?

Do you favour developing your people rather than recruiting new staff? Or perhaps you’d like some input as to whether your strategy should include people development or recruitment? Exelin are well placed to help.

Workforce development can increase employee engagement and retention, reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, and improve productivity. Working with Exelin, you can unlock capability and capacity in your workforce to positively influence your business’ success.

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